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Currently playing: ANZIIF Associate CIP

Wreck Removal

Currently playing: Wreck Removal

Currently playing: Norgas Cathinka Collides with Indonesian Ferry, 8 Dead

Currently playing: Kapal Tanker Pertamina MT. Musi produksi galangan PT. Daya Radar Utama

Currently playing: Kapal BW Joko Tole Diresmikan
  1. BrendonCrome: Hi, i'm new to the forum and i...
  2. Herry: Pak, Apa bedanya "on net rate"...
  3. Sebastian: Yth Pak Imam, mau bertanya ter...
  4. Muh Imam Imron: Mohon masukannya Pak imam, sek...
  5. Muh Imam Imron: Mohon masukannya Pak imam, sek...


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