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Perkembangan Singkat Konvensi Internasional Pengangkutan Barang Melalui Laut dan Posisi Indonesia

Meski tehnologi sudah berkembang, namun tidak dapat disangkal bahwa pengiriman barang melalui laut Full story

Marine Insurance Act 1906

Marine Insurance Act 1906
Introductory Text Marine Insurance 1. Marine insurance defined. 2. Mixed sea and land risks. 3. Marine adventure and maritime perils defined. Insurable Interest 4. Avoidance of wagering or gaming contracts. 5. Insurable interest defined. 6. When interest must attach. 7. Defeasible or contingent interest. 8. Partial interest. 9. Re-insurance. 10. Bottomry. 11. Master’s and seamen’s wages. 12. Advance freight. 13. Charges of ... Full story

Escape Clauses

What is an Escape Clause? An escape clause is a condition which effectively forbids the insured from taking out another policy without the consent of the insurer. It does this by providing that the insurance will be avoided if The insured takes out any further insurance on the same risk. Full story
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