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Charterers Liability Cover

Charterers Liability Cover
The Underwriter shall indemnify the Assured Charterer, other than a Charterer by Demise, against those liabilities, losses, cost and expenses, arising from event occurring during occurring the Period of Insurance and incurred by the Assured in respect of the operation of the Insured Vessel. Full story

Marine Hull and Protection & Indemnity (P&I)

Silakan Klik disini untuk membaca versi bahasa Indonesianya     Can you imagine how big is claim arise from this casualty? ·    loss or damage to cargo on board the vessel ·    loss or damage to the hull and machinery ·    loss of life or bodily injury ·    pollution ·    salvage sue and labour, removal of wreck ·    legal costs ·    other losses   Marine Hull & Machinery Insurance   Marine Hull & Machinery Insurance gives comprehensive covers for loss or damage to vessel’s hull and machinery against perils of the seas and navigational perils: Full story
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