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Automobile Liability – Asuransi Tanggung Jawab Hukum Kendaraan Bermotor

Polis Automobile Liability dapat diterbitkan sebagai perluasan jaminan (extended clauses) dari polis Comprehensive General Liability (CGL), dapat juga diterbitkan sebagai perluasan jaminan dari Polis Asuransi Kendaraan Bermotor (PSAKBI), atau dapat juga diterbitkan terpisah (stand-alone). Apa yang dijamin dalam Polis Automobile Liability? Polis Automobile Liability menjamin Tanggung jawab hukum Tertanggung atas (1) kerusakan atas harta benda; ... Full story

Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance – Quotation

Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance - Quotation
Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance menjamin tanggung jawab hukum terhadap pihak ketiga sehbungan dengan aktivitas pekerjaan atau bisnis, CGL umumnya meliputi Public Liability, Product Liability, Completed Operation, Workmen Compensation, Employers Liabiity, Automobile Liability, Umbrella, Excess of Loss Liability dan lain-lain Full story

Automobile Liability

Court grants BNDSm (USD3.6m) as damages for teenagers   Brunei: The highest personal injury award in Brunei's history was awarded to a 16-year-old Nepalese boy. In March 2008, the boy received an award of USD3.6m due to a car accident that happened on 30 December 2000 in which he suffered severe head injuries, multiple fractures, disfigurement, spastic hemiparesis and weakness of the upper and lower limbs.   It was considered that the boy is doomed to an unfulfilling life of depression, joylessness and apathy. The boy now walks with a limp and a clumsy gait. One of the biggest portion of the award deals with the boy's loss of future earnings. In this regard, it was found that the boy would be residing in the United Kingdom for the rest of his life and was given an award based on such a scenario.   Full story
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