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Piracy v Armed Robbery

Piracy v Armed Robbery
Di era moderen sekarang ini, kata “piracy” sebagai istilah umum, tidak hanya mencakup pengertian “piracy” dalam arti sempit, tetapi juga setiap bentuk kriminal dan kekerasan di laut. Sehingga dalam pengertian yang paling umum pun, penggunaan kata “piracy” di era ... Full story

Piracy at seas – perubahan paradigma

“It is not necessary that the thieves must raise the pirate flag and fire a shot across the victim's bows before they can be called pirates” (Athens Maritime Enterprises Corp v Hellenic Mutual War Risks Association Limited "The Andreas Lemos " 1 All ER 590 at 600 Antara tahun 1620 ... Full story


Setelah kemaren sempat menyaksikan aksi heroik Kapten Phillips (Kapten kapal MV MAERSK ALABAMA) yang menahkodai Kapal Cargo terbesar dunia berbendera AS dalam menyelamatkan Kapal beserta ABKnya. Full story

Delay: Apakah kerusakan karena ‘keterlambatan’ dijamin dalam ICC (1982)?

Menarik ‘membaca perdebatan’ di Group BBM Magang 1994 dari pertanyaan rekan Aris W : “Apakah kerusakan barang karena ‘delay’ dimana penyebab dari ‘keterlambatan’ tsb adalah karena terjadi ‘hijacking’ apakah ‘claimable’ dalam ICC “A” (1982)?” Full story

Piracy update – EU Council Regulation 356/2010

Further to our update below, we are aware that the EU Council regulation no 356/2010 entered into force on the 28th April. It adopts similar provisions to the US Executive Order prohibiting payments to certain parties linked with Somalia and is directly applicable, in other words it will apply in EU states without the need for any national implementation.   Full story

Piracy – ransom payments not contrary to public policy/recoverable as sue & labour under English Law

The subject of piracy has been the subject of much debate given the numerous hijackings off Somalia and elsewhere over the last 18 months or so.   As far as we are aware, none of these cases have resulted in any decisions in the English Courts until the recent decision from the High Court in Masefield AG v Amlin Corporate Member Ltd.   Full story
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