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Will Business Interruption Insurance Provide Coverage for Coronavirus Losses?

Apakah Polis Asuransi Gangguan Usaha Menjamin Kerugian akibat Virus Corona? Penjelasan lengkap dapat didownload di sini : BI Coronavirus Masyarakat dunia dibuat panik dengan merebaknya virus corona (COVID-19), ratusan ribu orang terinfeksi, ribuan orang meninggal dan sudah menyebar ke ratusan negara. Ditetapkannya virus Corona atau COVID-19 ... Full story

Understanding The IAR / PAR Policy, Business Interruption Insurances & Claims

Understanding The IAR / PAR Policy, Business Interruption Insurances & Claims A Comprehensive Guide on the cover afforded by the Industrial / Property All Risks Policy and Business Interruption Insurance for Insurance Brokers and Advisers, Underwriters and Claims Officers, Loss Adjusters, and Risk Managers The Facilitators: ... Full story

Business Interruption Clauses

List of Clauses Accountants Clause Accumulation of Stocks Clause ADDITIONAL INCREASE IN COST OF WORKING CLAUSE Alternative Trading Clause Auditor Charges Fee Book of Accountant Clause CLOSURE BY PUBLIC AUTHORITIES CLAUSE CUSTOMERS EXTENSION DENIAL OF ACCESS Departmental Clause Failure of Public Utilities (Version 1) Failure of Public ... Full story

Menghitung klaim “Business Interruption”

Surprising to have a question “How to calculate a Business Interruption claim?” Berapa yang anda akan bayar? salam sesi presentasi penutupan asuransi “Property All Risks”. Full story

Business Interruption on Influenza Pandemic

SARS in 2003 had a severe impact on business activity in certain sectors of the economy (Hotels, Airlines, Travel and Health industries) mainly in Asia, a Flu Pandemic, with its greater contagion, is likely to hit the broader business communities globally.   "Business interruption” cover commonly exclude infectious diseases cover. However some underwriters may consider to allow extension on this infectious deseases.   Full story

Gross Profit Versus Gross Revenue

Gross Profit Versus Gross Revenue
Should the Business Interruption risk be insured on a Gross Profit or Gross Revenue basis? We are often presented with this issue.   The answer requires an understanding of "Gross Profit" and "Gross Revenue".    Gross Profit is just a level of earnings.  This level varies between accountants and industries.  For insurance purposes only one level of Gross Profit is relevant.... that which is defined in the insurance policy.    Full story
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