Marine Cargo Insurance : Underwriting, Claims & Reinsurance

Asuransi Pengangkutan Barang : Penutupan, Klaim & Reasuransi

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  1. Dasar Hukum Asuransi Marine
  2. Jenis-Jenis Asuransi Marine
  3. Statistik Asuransi Marine Cargo :    Premi v Klaim
  4. Incoterms & Prinsip Insurable Interests dalam Asuransi Marine Cargo
  5. Polis dan Syarat Sahnya Perjanjian

Underwriting : Marine Cargo Insurance

  1. Jenis-Jenis Asuransi Marine Cargo
  2. Warehouse to Warehouse
  3. Institute Cargo Clauses (A/B/C)
  4. Institute Cargo Clauses (Air)
  5. Institute Coal Clauses
  6. Institute Bulk Oil Clauses
  7. Institute Frozen Food (Meat)
  8. Container Insurance
  9. Stock Throughput Insurance
  10. Institute Cargo Clauses (Additional)
  11. Non Institute Cargo Clauses (Additional)
  12. Prosedur Penutupan
  13. Single Policy, Floating Policy and Marine Open Cover
  14. Underwriting Consideration
  15. Commodity / Cargo
  16. Methods of Shipping
  17. Type of Vessels
  18. Rating / Premium
  19. Hal-hal penting dalam penutupan Asuransi Marine Cargo (Underwriting)


  1. Proposal Form
  2. Cover Note
  3. Policy
  4. Endorsement
  5. Marine Open Cover
  6. Certificate of Insurance
  7. Method of Declaration
  8. e-Marine Cargo Platform


  1. Prosedur Klaim
  2. Dokumentasi Klaim
  3. Loss Surveyors, Adjusters and Settling Agents
  4. Hal-hal penting dalam proses klaim Asuransi Marine Cargo (Claims)


  1. Facultative and Treaty
  2. Prorata and Excess of Loss
  3. Hal-hal penting dalam reasuransi Asuransi Marine Cargo (Reinsurance)



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Marine Cargo Insurance

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