Sister Car Clause

In the event of collision between motor vehicle owned by the Insured, and which are insured under this Policy, only one Physical Damage Deductible will apply. Should different deductible apply to the vehicle insured, the largest deductible applying will apply. Klausul Sister Car Jika terjadi tabrakan antara kendaraan bermotor yang dimiliki oleh Tertanggung, dan yang diasuransikan berdasarkan Polis ini, hanya satu Risiko Sendiri yang ... Full story


Should any motorcycle insured by this Policy be damage or destroyed in a collision with another motor vehicle owned wholly or part by the insured and insured by this or any other motor vehicle Policy issued by the Company, then the Insured shall have the same rights within the terms and limits of this Policy as the Insured would have were ... Full story
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