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Fire Insurance – Quotation

Fire Insurance  - Quotation
Fire Insurance covers named perils known as Flexas i.e. Fire, Lightning, Explosion, impact of Air craft and Smoke it can be extended to give optional cover such as RSMDCC (Riots, Strikes, Malicious Damage and Civil Commotions) and FTSWD (Flood, Typhoon, Storm and Water Damage)   Fire Insurance is subject to PSAKI (Polis Standar Asuransi Kebakaran Indonesia) or Indonesia Standard Fire Insurance   Full story

Very Important Clauses : Klausul-Klausul Penting dalam Asuransi Kebakaran (Fire & Property Insurances)

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Asuransi Kebakaran dan Kerusuhan

Kebakaran…….Kebakaran………..   Kebakaran adalah penyebab utama kerusakan harta benda manusia, hampir setiap hari kita menyaksikan terjadinya kebakaran…..... Full story
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