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Collision and Non Contact Incidents

Introduction Collision is one of the few areas where third party liabilities may be covered by the hull policy. Traditionally, the English hull policy covered 3/4ths of the collision risks and the P&I Clubs the remaining 1/4th. Full story

Fixed and Floating Objects (FFO)

Under the Rules of the Club, cover of a vessel’s liabilities for loss of, damage to, or interference with rights in relation to any fixed or moveable property whether on or above, in or below land or water. Full story

What is a 3/4th Collision Liability?

Assume that both vessels in an example collision are insured for 3/4th collision liability with their hull underwriters and for 1/4th with their P&I Clubs. In the example vessel A is 75% to blame for the collision and vessel B is 25% to blame. Full story
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