It is agreed and understood that otherwise subject to the terms, exclusion, provisions and conditions contained in the Policy or endorsed thereon, and subject to the Insured having paid the agreed extra premium, this Policy shall be extended to cover loss or  damage due to strike, riot and civil commotion which for the purpose of this Endorsement shall mean (subject to the Special Conditions hereinafter contained) loss of or damage to the property insured directly caused by :

  1. the act of any person taking part together with others in any disturbance of the public peace (whether in connection with a strike or lock-out or not) not being an occurrence mentioned in condition 2 of the Special conditions hereof,
  1. the action of any lawfully constituted authority in suppressing or attempting to suppress any such disturbance or in minimising the consequences of any such disturbance,
  1. the willful act of any striker or locked-out worker performed in furtherance of a strike or in resistance to a lock-out
  1. the action of any lawfully constituted authority in preventing or attempting to prevent any such act or in minimising the consequences of any such act.

Provided that is hereby further expressly agreed and declared that

  1. all the terms, exclusions, provisions and conditions of the policy shall apply in all respects to the insurance granted by this extension save in so far as the same are expressly varied by the following special conditions, and any reference to loss or damage  in the wording of the policy shall be deemed to include the perils hereby insured against.
  1. the following special conditions shall apply only to the insurance granted by this extension, and the wording of the policy shall apply in all respects to the insurance granted by the policy as if this endorsement had not been made thereon. In any action, suit or other proceeding, where the Insurers allege that by reason of the provisions of this condition any loss or damage is not covered by this insurance, the burden of proving  that such loss or damage is covered shall be upon the Insured.
  1. This insurance may at any time be terminated by the Insurers on notice to that effect being given by registered post at the Insured’s last known address, in which case the Insurers shall be liable to repay a rateable proportion of the premium for the unexpired term from the date of termination.
  1. The limit of indemnity any one occurrence as stated below shall be understood to limit the indemnity for all loss or damage covered by this Endorsement during a consecutive period of 168 hours

The aggregate liability of the Insurers during  the period of cover of this policy shall be limited by twice the limit of indemnity any one occurrence.

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  • Hassan Motesharrei wrote on 29 December, 2019, 18:19

    Dear Sir,
    is theft or burglary covered in this clause?
    and is there any special wording for covering srcc? and is overhaul covered in CMI policy? thank you

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