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Professional Indemnity / Errors & Omissions

Professional Indemnity / Errors & Omissions
Travel firms sued over Taiwanese death crash   Hong Kong: The companies that organised a Taiwan tour that ended in a bus crash killing five Hongkongers and injuring 29 others on 18 October 2004 are being sued for negligence in three separate actions. Three suits were filed in May 2007 in the High Court against the Travel Service companies. Two writs were filed by the injureds and one by the administrator of an estate of a person killed   The bus driver was jailed, being found guilty of driving while intoxicated and endangering public safety. The travel organisation argued it was not responsible for the bus driver's actions. The travel organisation was found responsible for the bus driver's action and has to pay HKD814,000 (USD104,459m) to an injured passenger   Full story

Professional Indemnity (or Professional Liability Insurance)

Untuk versi bahasa indonesianya, silakan klik disini Professionals - You Are Accountable!                                                                   Today’s professionals operate in an environment of increased responsibility and accountability; a situation which can lead professionals into serious legal pitfalls. More and more professionals now accept the likelihood that they may face litigation at some stage during their career and wisely, they are seeking protection in the form of professional indemnity insurance Crippling Risk Any professional person or consultant providing advice or services is exposed to claims of a ‘professional indemnity’ nature. Incurring legal liability can prove financially crippling to a professional’s business, and this damage is often compounded by loss of reputation. Even when a professional has been cleared of any liability to compensate a claimant, the cost of defending such a claim is onerous and seldom fully recovered What does Professional Indemnity (or Professional Liability Insurance)?  It covers Legal Liability and Legal Cost and Expenses   Full story
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