The Rotterdam Rules 2008

The Rotterdam Rules 2008 is scheduled to be opened for signature (ratification) by state parties to the United Nations on 23 September 2009.


The key points to The Rotterdam Rules 2008:


Ø       It will come into force one year after signature by the 20th UN member state

Ø       Period of responsibility for carriage is “door to door”

Ø       It does not displace the current non-sea Conventions such as CMR or CIM

Ø       Defence of fire available only if proven not caused or contributed to or fault by the Master, crew

Ø       Defence of “error of navigation” no longer available and is removed

Ø       Liability is apportioned where defences are not available

Ø       It extends not only to a traditional carrier but includes a”Maritime Performing Party” e.g. stevedoring companies, terminal operators

Ø       Obligation of exercise of due diligence to make the ship seaworthy is extended to “before, at the beginning of and during the voyage by sea

Ø       Limit of liability is increased to SDR 3 per kilogram gross (Hague-Visby is SDR 2) and SDR 875 per package (Hague-Visby is SDR 666.67) whichever is higher

Ø       Time limit for commencement of cargo claim is two years from the date of delivery or from date whicih the goods should have been delivered

Ø       Claimant is entitled to commence proceedings against the carrier in a competent court which has one of the following jurisdictions; domicile of carrier, place of receipt in contract, place of delivery in contract, port of loading ro port of discharge

Ø       Parties to “volume contracts” (contracts for carriage of specified quantity of goods in a series of shipment during an agreed period of time) may contract out of much of the obligatory liability regime under Rotterdam Rules, provided there is a prominent statement in the contract that it derogates from the Rotterdam Rules. However carriers are prohibited in all circumstances from contracting out of: obligation to exercise due diligence to make and keep the ship seaworthy, obligation to properly crew, equip and supply the ship, their unlimited liability for losses resulting from acts or omissions done by the person claiming a right to limit with their reckless intent


Anwar Bin Saadan, Regional Risk Manager, Marine – Asia : QBE Insurance (International) Limited


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One Comment on “The Rotterdam Rules 2008”

  • Fx.Sugiyanto wrote on 7 December, 2009, 13:38

    Dear pak Imam,

    Baru saja saya mengikuti workshop di UNESCAP Bangkok 2 minggu lalu dari tanggal 16 hingga 19 November 2009.mengenai Multimoda Transport, diatara pembicara adalah DR. Mahin Faghfouri, beliau adalah President International Multimodal Transport Association (IMMTA) dan mantan Chief UNCTAD Legal Section. Trade Logistics Department.
    Dengan gamblang beliau menjelaskan UNCITRAL Convention Rotterdam rules, dimana menurut beliau Rancangan konvensi tersebut sangat berat sebelah, dan akan sangat-sangat merugikan shipper dan membebankan semua tanggung jawab kepada shipper , padahal MTO dalam operasinya banyak sekali berkedudukan sebagai shippers.
    Hingga saat ini belum ada satu negarapun yang bersedia meratifikasinya, dan malahan beliau menganjurkan agar masyarakat Freight Forwarders jangan ada yang m,au menerimanya.

    Untuk Indonesia…. jangan kawatir Lha wong Hague Rules apalagi hague Visby rules saja meskipun telah banyak yang dijadikan paramount di banyak pelaku bisnis, Pemerintah masih Ogah meratifisirnya. Cinta Nostalgia kali jee,.. KUHD yang aslinya WvK Wetbook van Koop handel tahun 1924 saja masih dicintai untuk tidak diganti.

    IMAM MUSJAB: Damn I Love Indonesia …he..he..

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