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Court grants BNDSm (USD3.6m) as damages for teenagers


Brunei: The highest personal injury award in Brunei’s history was awarded to a 16-year-old Nepalese boy. In March 2008, the boy received an award of USD3.6m due to a car accident that happened on 30 December 2000 in which he suffered severe head injuries, multiple fractures, disfigurement, spastic hemiparesis and weakness of the upper and lower limbs.


It was considered that the boy is doomed to an unfulfilling life of depression, joylessness and apathy. The boy now walks with a limp and a clumsy gait. One of the biggest portion of the award deals with the boy’s loss of future earnings. In this regard, it was found that the boy would be residing in the United Kingdom for the rest of his life and was given an award based on such a scenario.


The Judge awarded BND3.4m (USD2.4m) for the plaintiff’s potential earnings, BND509,471 (USD365,000) for the suffered injuries, BND714,910 (USD514,332) for costs of future care and BND127,534 (USD91,369) for damages that had occurred.


Source: Agence France Press – English Wire, March 27, 2008

Asian Casualty Report 10th Edition June 2008 – Gen Re


Bus crash kills 20 people


Malaysia: Twenty people were killed on 13 August 2007 in one of the worst accidents in Malaysia’s history. The Express bus, which was on long-haul journey liad.27 passengers and two drivers on board when the accident happened. The bus was moving downhill when it crashed into a road divider. The impact of the crash ripped off the roof off the bus.


The bus driver, who also died, had 13 summoneses and two arrest warrants for various traffic offences. It has to be investigated if the mandatory switch of bus drivers had taken place.


Source. Strait Times, 14 August 2007

Asian Casualty Report 10th Edition June 2008 – Gen Re


Accident victim awarded SGD1.5m (USD1.1m)


Singapore: A 33-year-old man who was incapacitated and mentally disabled by a road accident in 2001 has been awarded SGD1.Sm (USD1.1 m) by the High Court. The claim was about SGD2.Sm (USD1.8m).


Source: SoLrce: Straits Times, 7 March 2008

Asian Casualty Report 10th Edition June 2008 – Gen Re


Banker’s family awarded SGD1.9m (USD1.4m)


Singapore: The family of a banker, who died in a car crash on December 18, 2004, will receive about SGD1.9rn (USD1.4m), less than half of the SGD4.8m (USD3.5m) the family sued for. The victim was the sole passenger in the car driven by a friend, when the vehicle crashed into the back of a lorry. After suffering severe injuries he died four hours after ` the accident. His two sons will receive USD1.624m and his wife USD211,000. Thereby it was considered that his plan was to support his sons through education abroad, as well as the family’s maintenance expenses.


Source: Strait Times, 28 June 1007

Asian Casualty Report 10th Edition June 2008 – Gen Re

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