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Employment Practices Liability

Workers to be given the right to sue employers for discrimination   China: A new employment promotion law was passed in August by the Standing Committee of the National's People's Congress allowing Chinese workers to sue their employers for illegal discrimination beginning 1 January 2008   Discrimination because of race, ethnicity, sex, religion, disabled persons, hepatitis B and HIV carriers is already (since 1991) prohibited. The effect of these prohibitions has been greatly limited because no right was explicitly granted to individuals who suffer illegal discrimination and no penalties were specified in any laws or regulations   Full story

Denda CNY 5,000 (USD717) atas diskriminasi pekerja penderita hepatitis

Denda CNY 5,000 (USD717) atas diskriminasi pekerja penderita hepatitis
Cina; Seorang pelamar kerja, yang merupakan penderita hepatitis B, telah diberikan kompensasi sebesar i CNY 5,000 (USD717)  setelah mengajukan tuntutan ke pengadilan bahwa ia ditolak oleh sebuah perusahaan pembuat computer di Taiwan karena diskriminasi atas kondisi kesehatannya. Pengadilan di Shanghai menerima tuntutannya namun menolak tuntutan selebihnya sebesar CNY60,000 (USD8,600) untuk kompensasi penderitaan emosional.   The man was originally hired by the company in 2005 following two rounds of interviews, but rejected after they received his health report that indicated that he was a hepatitis B carrier.Pria tersebut pada awalnya disewa oleh perusahaan pada tahun 2005 setelah dua putaran dari wawancara, namun ditolak setelah perusahaan menerima laporan kesehatannya yang menunjukkan bahwa dia adalah bahwa yang bersangkutan adalah hepatitis B carrier. Full story
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