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Kontener yang padanan kata Inggrisnya “container” memiliki definisi yang kurang lebih sama dari beberapa Full story

Damage due to moisture and condensation of containerized goods

Since the transportation of containerized goods is usually covered at all-risk terms and conditions, cargo insurers soon find themselves being called on to indemnify damage due to moisture and condensation. This is by far the main cause of losses in container traffic.   Containers are like scaled-down versions of a ship’s hold and are therefore subject to the same microclimatic conditions as those found on a conventional vessel. In the course of a long voyage, Full story

Asuransi Kontainer (Container Insurance) – Quotation

Asuransi Kontainer (Container Insurance) - Quotation
Asuransi Kontainer (Container Insurance) menjamin kerusakan atau kerugian pada Kontainer baik saat di dek, di laut (kapal), di angkutan darat atau dimana saja dalam batas teritoral yang diizinkan, jaminan atas Asuransi Kontainer (Container Insurance) terdiri dari All Risks dan Total Loss, namun mengingat penyebaran dan area pengangkutan melalui container, jaminan yang sering diberikan adalah Total Loss Only   Full story

Freight Forwarders’ Liability Insurance

Untuk membaca versi bahasa Indonesia, Silakan klik disini Freight Forwarders In summay Freight Forwarding Services are to include following sectors: ·   Ocean freight forwarder / NVOC ·   Air freight forwarder / air cargo agent ·   Customs Agent ·   Road haulier ·   In transit warehousing ·   Packing / Consolidating   So Many Claims Getting goods from point A to B usually involves numerous parties in the supply chain. When things go wrong and substantial losses are incurred, who will be held liable?   Any number of parties can instigate legal proceedings:   ·         The cargo owner - your customer ·         Sub-contractors ·         Owners or operators of the vessel, aircraft or truck carrying the cargo ·         Authorities ·         Third parties to whom you owe a duty of care   Claims can be made under a contract, standard terms of trade, ocean bill of lading or airway bill. Additionally, third party claims in tort, bailment and statutory liabilities can catch you unaware. It is even more difficult when a customer brings a claim against you. After all, the success of your business depends on customer relationships. What risks do we insure?   Full story

Asuransi Kapal dan P&I (Marine Hull and P&I)

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