Comprehensive machinery (CM) insurance – wordings & clauses (download here)

Comprehensive machinery (CM) insurance


Section 1 . Operational material damage


Section 2 . Operational business interruption




Comprehensive machinery (CM) insurance – Endorsements


Special insurance covers

1300 Strike, riot and civil commotion

1301 Extra costs for airfreight

1302 Underground machinery and equipment

1303 Business interruption resulting from machinery breakdown during a

guarantee period

1304 Earthquake

1305 Prolongation of the interruption period due to deterioration

1306 Maximum demand charges

1307 Additional expenditure other than increased cost of working

1308 Failure of public power, water, gas or steam supply

1309 Delay in repair

1310 Suppliers’ extension

1311 Customers’ extension


Special conditions

1360 Serial losses

1361 Refractory materials and/or masonry in industrial furnaces and boilers

1362 Refrigerant and lubricating oil

1363 Conveyor belts and chains

1364 Wires and non-electric cables

1365 Rewinding of electric machines (e.g. motors, generators, transformers)

1366 Repairs to combustion engines (e.g. diesel, gas engines)

1367 Components along the hot-gas path of gas turbines

1368 Waiver of underinsurance

1369 Submerged and deep-well pumps

1370 Overhauling of platen presses

1371 Overhauling of electric motors and generators above 1,000 kW (other than


1372 Overhauling of steam, water and gas turbines and turbo-generator sets

1373 Inspection and overhauling of boilers

1374 Sum insured on unit-price basis

1375 Flue gas purification plants


Wordings and Clauses Comprehensive machinery (CM) insurance,




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Source: Munich Re


Comprehensive machinery (CM) insurance – overview

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9 Comments on “Comprehensive machinery (CM) insurance – wordings & clauses (download here)”

  • ahmad wrote on 6 April, 2010, 4:52

    this policy covered accidental damage as LM7 property all risk policy and what is the fetures under LM7 NOT INCLUDING (CM)POLICY

  • ahmad wrote on 17 April, 2010, 4:22

    this policy covered accidental damage as LM7 property all risk policy and what is the fetures under LM7 NOT INCLUDING (CM)POLICY

  • Athar Jalil Jafree wrote on 8 January, 2014, 14:25

    What is the diffrence between CMI and Industrial All Risk ins. including the diffrence of deductible.


    in simple terms,
    – IAR excludes MB (Machinery Breakdown) whilst CMI covers IAR+MB
    – IAR suitable for property owners, warehouses, and general industry where property and stocks have higher value than machinery whilst in contrast CMI suits for power plants, refineries, chemical industries etc where machineries are of greater value than civil construction and stocks.
    – in respect of level of deductibles CMI retains large coinsurance share for client (higher deductible)

  • Athar Jalil Jafree wrote on 9 January, 2014, 17:12

    Refer to your comments on website (i.e – IAR excludes MB (Machinery Breakdown) whilst CMI covers IAR+MB )

    I Have sent you th. email extract of Industrial Insurance materiel for your kind perusal in which they mention that MB is covered in IAR.

    Kindly confirm.

    Athar, i have not received your extract, please email to or

    But, if it does cover MB it must be not a standard IAR Munich Re Wordings that I refer to

  • Athar Jalil Jafree wrote on 11 January, 2014, 12:02

    Dear Imam
    Your website is very informative in all respect. However, information on IAR is not found.

    Athar, information available in bahasa Indonesia, some are in English you may find in this articles 1, 2, 3,

  • Sidra Shafique wrote on 28 April, 2016, 9:56

    What is the amount of deductible and limit of indemnity in special covers and special conditions under COM.?_? 

  • Athar jafree wrote on 3 August, 2016, 18:43

    Dear Mr. Imam
    Below clause is a part of our CMI policy, can I understand that below clause is covering risk in premises of third party as well as transit risk?

    Please confirm.

    Thank you and Kind Regards

    Athar Jalil Jafree

    3.7 Temporary Removal 

    3.7.1  The insurer shall indemnify the insured in respect of any loss or damage to property insured (other than stock if insured hereby) temporarily removed for cleaning, renovation, repairs or maintenance to any other location whilst in transit thereto or therefrom by road, rail or inland waterway. 

  • Mohammad Basit Khan wrote on 13 November, 2017, 14:49

    Could you please send me an email of detailed differences between IAR and CMI?
    Also, I need to look at some sample proposal forms for CMI, if you have acces to any, I would love to see it too. If you do not, then tell me how it’s proposal form will be different from that of IAR: I will understand that as well>
    thanks in advance

  • Naji Eid wrote on 27 October, 2020, 19:28

    please can you send me a proposal form CMI

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